Saturday, October 23, 2010

AFTER!!! Thank you, Uncle Wayne and Aunt Diane, it looks SO Beautiful! I OWE you big time :)

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  1. and Why did you paint it before you moved?!?! just wanted to throw in another little somethin' once all the boxes were packed & you were sittin' around twiddling your thumbs?! :P Crazy! It looks great though! the stripes do kinda make ya dizzy! love Scarly's cheese!

  2. well, the prob was that I started painting it in never got finished! Luckily with the help of Uncle Wayne and Aunt Diane we were able to get it done before we moved out. I didn't want to give the wretched property mngr another thing to try to take money from our deposit for, also, I did it w/o the owner's permission and I didn't want him to think it was better with the stripes! I liked how it turned out!