Monday, June 21, 2010

My hubby sent me this floral sculpture last week, what a sweetie :)
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Mini-vaca at Uncle Wayne and Aunt Diane's

We had an absolute blast in Austin for Memorial Day weekend.  It took about 8 hours to get there from Texarkana with a car full of young ones, but it was worth every minute!  We were able to visit with Aunt Elsie, Uncle Ryan, Shala and her little one, Elijah for a short time Friday evening.  Aunt Elsie was celebrating her birthday, it was so nice to see them!  Saturday we soaked up the sun with Angela and her kiddos.  Scarlet was teething and very fussy, but enjoyed the pool very much.  Ryan and Corey had so much fun on the playground and the pool and Uncle Wayne even put up a slip and slide... even I had a couple turns on!

  Here's some cute pics of the kids!...big and little :)

Kalen had so much fun feeding Scarlet her bottle.  She's a good little babysitter in training :)

Kiley was such an awesome big cousin! I wished I could take her back home with me! :)

Scarlet enjoyed her time in the pool, there were
plenty of toys to keep her attention, but still she found something to fuss about...I'm going to blame it on her teeth coming in....she's not high maintenance like her mama, I swear! ;)

Uncle Wayne made us feel right at home, 
accept way better!  Corey was quite content playing in the pool with this highly skilled Papa! :)

This baby sure knows how to live it up poolside!

Ok, so I might have gotten a little carried away....can you blame me?!? :)

We ended the trip at Lake Travis with the Bolton's!  It was the perfect finale :)  Best shrimp tacos I've ever had...and loves spending a few more minutes with such an adorable family!!

Scarlet loved watching her big brother at Field Day! He had lots of fun doing several different races! Yay Ryan!

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Scarlet's first time out of the stroller at the play park in the mall....she LOVED it!

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